Meditation is a way of calming the conscious, thinking mind , a way to transcend the boundaries of time and space and connect to the universal consciousness. A way to find peace within and reconnect with your true nature.

The main goal of meditation is for the mind to become completely clear of all thoughts and completely focused in the present moment. From this an awareness of the infinity of our true nature occurs. There are many forms of meditation and many different techniques which can aid the practice of meditation. Many studies have been undertaken which show the positive physical and mental benefits of regular meditation including:


- Reduced stress levels

- Improved immune system function

- Reduced blood pressure

- Improved mental clarity and memory

- More physical energy 

- A more relaxed and positive outlook 

- Improved physical health 

- Higher Spiritual awareness

- More confidence

- Inner peace and contentment


Meditation is a component of many religions so therefore transcends any religious belief, it has been practiced for thousands of years in different ways but always with the same goal in mind, to still the thinking mind and to elevate to higher states of awareness.

As previously stated there are many forms of meditation. Some simply focus on the breath, others focus outward on a particular point and some aim to awaken the Chakras by the use of Mantras and focused attention. Mantras are basically sound forms, which have different meanings and relate to different aspects of the self. Using Mantras,breathing and focused attention in this way can be an extremely powerful technique for awakening Kundalini energy and there are certain Mantras specifically created for this purpose.

It is important to find the technique that works for you. It can be frustrating at first when practicing meditation as when you attempt to stop thinking your mind actually starts to race. This is normal and you should not give up, the more you practice the easier it becomes. It is important not to try too hard as this just creates more tension, instead just allow your thoughts to drift. If you are still struggling the use of a Mantra can help to focus and quieten the mind. You can also use a Meditation CD if you are having trouble staying focused, this can be a good method for experiencing meditation and once you have learnt the technique you can continue in your own way. Once mastered Meditation is the key to inner peace, happiness and good health. It is a vital component of Kundalini awakening as it helps to integrate and re-balance the energy within your mind and body and brings focus and peace within.


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