Meditation Tip 2- Root Chakra Awakening 


Following the grounding exercise in Meditation tip 1 you can now progress to the 1st Chakra Meditation.

Either sit comfortably with feet flat on the floor or or sit crossed legged on the floor, if you can, sit in the Lotus position but if not do not worry, comfort is the primary concern.

Again,  begin with a deep breath through your nostrils and relax.  Focus your attention on your Root Chakra. Although the next step may sound strange it is an extremely powerful way of awakening this Chakra; contract the anus, by doing this it stops the flow of energy from flowing out of your body and forces it upwards, thus awakening the Root Chakra.

While doing this use the Mantra (sound) Lan (accentuating the N) either vocally or in your mind. This is the Mantra associated with this Chakra.

Repeat the Mantra continuasly for as long as possible, up to 30 minutes. You can relax the anus occasionally and feel the sensations that arise in this area.

If the sensations become too strong discontinue practice for a while and do the grounding exercise. It is very important to practice these meditations at your own pace and not to practice too intensely to begin with.  Once you feel any sensations in this area move on to the next Chakra ( See Next Tip).


You are now ready to move on to the next stage of meditation.

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The Kundalini Awakening Team


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