The following websites are recommended for more information and products related to Kundalini Awakening, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga and Spiritual & Personal Development.                                      A Site Dedicated To Kundalini Yoga 

A Centre and Website for anyone interested in all areas of Spirituality and Transpersonal studies 

  An organisation helping people cope with and understand the process of Spiritual awakening

An excellent site that covers many subjects including human evolution and Kundalini, also 2012 and related subjects

This site is full of information on new breakthroughs in Mind Body Medicine and the understanding of Consciousness

Candice Pert is the author of 'Molecules of Emotion' She is at the forefront of Psychnueroimmunology

A site dedicated to Yoga with and in depth section on Kundalini awakening process

Alternative views on many different subects including 2012, conspiracy theories and Spirituality 

The life and work of Gopi Krishna. One of the first people to discuss Kundalini awakening in the West

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