The purpose of this site is to offer a one stop resource for anyone interested in or experiencing Kundalini Awakening and to provide information on other related areas of Spiritual and Personal Development.  To offer links to other related sites to help spread knowledge of Kundalini and Spirituality. To empower and educate people and to help guide them on their Spiritual Path.

Everybody's path is different but  as a wise old Lady once said "Some people take the train, some ride a bicycle, some drive a car and others walk.. but we're all going to the same place.."

This is true but it's whether you choose to be 'awake' for the journey or not that is also of fundamental importance. This site is here to help you to wake up your latent Spirit and to help guide you along the way to peace, happiness and fulfillment.



This site has been created by Gianni Ingrosso,a Reiki and Theta Healing Practitioner and Hypnotherapist . 

Gianni experienced his own Kundalini Awakening after intense Spiritual practice. Frustrated at the lack of information available in the UK regarding Kundalini,he decided to create this site in the hope that it may help and unite people going through this process of Spiritual Awakening through shared knowledge and experience.

                          Gianni Ingrosso 


Disclaimer: takes no responsibility for any adverse effects or reactions experienced by any individual because of the use of any techniques taught or expressed on this site or in any related emails or information requested. It is up to the individual concerened to do adequate research before undertaking any spiritual or personal development practice. In no way does this site offer any medical advice and you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional if you feel it is neccessary.

We also take no responibility for any products or information obtained or purchased through any third party on this site. All information on this site is free. Any purchases made are carried out on the sellers site and no financial or personal information is stored on this site. Only email and name are stored if subscribed to email list. Subscription can be cancelled at any time. Subscription is not neccessary to purchase any product available through this site.Your name and email will never be sold or shared with anyone.

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