"A little more knowledge about himself may change the whole life and the whole sphere of activity of man"

Gopi Krishna

This site has been created to provide information to anyone who is experiencing a Kundalini Awakening or is interested in the subject. The aim is to provide a platform for people to express their experiences and share their knowledge of this amazing experience. As we are now in the age of awakening more and more people are going through this process and from my own experience it can be a lonely, strange and sometimes frightening path to walk. Through sharing my experiences and knowledge I hope to be able to help people who are just starting out on this road to better understand what is occurring and how to deal with it, embrace it and to understand it for what it truly is, an evolution of consciousness...

Brief History Of Kundalini                                                        

Kundalini is a powerful energy that is within each one of us and some believe is the foundation of life itself, the Divine Mother Goddess, the life force of the universe that is present in all things. The ancient Yogis of India created  Yoga  to awaken Her power and devoted there entire lives to the cultivation and understanding of Kundalini. It has also been a part of many other ancient cultures and religions throughout history. Until recently only the privileged and spiritually adept had the knowledge of how to awaken the Kundalini or knew of the secrets of its power. But as we progress in this age of awakening, awareness and knowledge of this evolutionary energy is beginning to emerge and people all over the world are experiencing Kundalini Awakening. It is known by a variety of names in many different cultures but the Sages of India called it The Kundalini. In Sanskrit this literally means 'the curl of the hair' or  'coiled', it is usually envisaged as a sleeping serpent coiled and ready to be awakened and is sometimes referred to as 'Serpent Power'. It is also related to the Mother Goddess, Mother Nature or the Sacred Femine.

The Process Of Awakening

Once Kundalini is awakened an evolution of the mind, body and spirit occurs. Leading to a higher state of consciousness and spiritual awareness. With the emergence in the West of practices such as Reiki, Meditation and Yoga over the last century many more people have awakened this dormant power that is kept hidden within. When Kundalini rises it is essentially connecting the male and female energies and connecting the individual with the Divine consciousness although there are conflicting views on the process of awakening and it's purpose so it is important to understand that there are still many unanswered questions. It is a very individual and subjective experience dependant on one's karma and life experience. 

Kundalini is located at the base of the spine between the Root and Sacral Chakras and lays dormant in most people, it is usually developed and awakened through spiritual practice but can awaken spontaneously in some people. Some say it is the life force energy that resides in all things, also know as prana or chi, others that it is the all powerful evolutionary energy that is hidden from us and must be cultivated to be awakened. From my personal experience, I believe it to be the latter, as prana or chi is much more subtle and gentle, and kundalini much more fierce, a relentless fountain of energy which is much more powerful than prana or chi.  Once you experience the awakening of kundalini you will know the difference.There is one school of thought from a particular Yogi that it is Kundalini that keeps us alive, it is our life force. It flows in all of us constantly at a very low level, but when it is cultivated it flows much more stongly and cleanes us from within.

The most common practices used to awaken Kundalini are Meditation, Reiki, Qi Gong and Yoga but there are many forms of energy practice which can bring about a Kundalini awakening.  As I said previously it can even occur spontaneously in some people, and this is where there are more potential problems, where the person is not ready or knowledgeable enough to understand what is happening.

Once the process begins it is difficult to stop, it can be controlled and ignored but may lead to problems. Without the adequate knowledge and preparation this can be an uncomfortable and sometimes quite traumatic experience. There should be adequate preparation prior to the awakening of Kundalini and if this not undertaken then problems can arise. The are rumours of people going insane after awakening Kundalini, I do not believe these people are really insane, just that Western psychiatry does not understand the process or treat it correctly by allowing the process to unfold naturally, while giving support to the individual rather than medication in an attempt to suppress it. There is much written claiming Kundalini to be a dark force, and also that practices such as Reiki, Crystal therapy and even Meditation are practices which should be left alone and are classed as Occult. I suggest that it is not the practices themselves which are problematic but the minds or intentions of the individuals practicing them. If your intention is not positive then these forces will not be positive, but I believe that if we hold in our hearts the feelings of love and compassion then these powers can bring only positive things. There is also some speculation as to the meaning of the word occult. It does not necessarily mean that if something is occult it is bad or dark, just that it is outside the teachings of organised religions.

I believe all religions know the secrets of awakening kundalini and its power, but they wish to keep the power to themselves and are attempting to stop our Spiritual evolution by repressing the real truths of our existence.

These are just my opinions and it is up to you to make up your own mind about this subject and it greatly depends on your own spiritual and religious beliefs.


Kundalini awakening is often referred to as Kundalini syndrome. It can be a confusing experience and it can be difficult to find support and accurate information. Many people in Western medicine and science are not aware of the existence of Kundalini and those who are mostly regard it as an illness or psychiatric problem and advise of the dangers of awakening Kundalini. There are reports of people suffering extreme physical and psychological symptoms during an awakening so it is very important to be aware of the reported positive and negative aspects, and the potential risks involved. 

Positive aspects include-

- Raised Spiritual awareness

- Ability to achieve deep meditative states

- Healing of both physical and emotional issues

- A sense of connectedness to God and to nature 

- The ability to heal others 

- Improved health and well-being  


Negative aspects include-

- Cranial pressure

- Sudden cramps and spasms

- Uncontrollable waves of energy flowing up the spine 

- Confusion and disorientation

- Feelings of isolation and depression

- Psychological problems  


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The Caduceus Symbol - Represents the Kundalini rising up the spine or Sushuma Nadi, the main energy channel of the human body and chakra system. It has been used as a symbol for healing in many cultures and in different forms throughout history.

 CLICK HERE for more information on the Chakra system

These symptoms or experiences are also sometimes classed as a 'Spiritual Emergency' and I have added a link to the Spiritual Emergence Network on the links page. You can also search in the books section of this site for 'Spiritual Emergency' by Stanislav Grof if you are experiencing any of the symptoms above.

It is important to understand that although these negative aspects are sometimes overwhelming and can be uncomfortable at times,  they are a necessary part of the process, a process of clearing the emotional and physical blockages of the mind and body. The symptoms can be more extreme if a person is not adequately prepared and it is also dependent on how the person has lived there life and the expeiences they have had. If there is deep trauma which is buried deep in the subconscious then this can lead to quite intense and traumatic experiences of re-living the trauma as a way of releasing and clearing it from the system. Every one's experience is different but with the right preparation and prior knowledge of what is actually occurring then these symptoms should not be too distressing and if they are they will generally subside after a while leaving a deeper sense of well being. Overall the process should be an amazing, joyful and healing experience,  a process of human evolution, ultimately an evolution of consciousness. 


Before attempting to awaken Kundalini, a clearing of the mind and body through the practice of Meditation and Yoga should first be sought as this paves the way for a far more positive experience. A healthy diet should be followed, ideally vegetarian, eliminating all processed foods and junk food. It is also of vital importance to cultivate the correct mentality, you should strive to have an unselfish and loving mentality, of compassion and forgiveness, for oneself and for humanity as a whole. You must also be prepared for what is to come. As the Kundalini works its way up through the chakras a process of clearing past Karma and stored emotions occurs. This is an important part of the process as it is releasing you from past trauma and heals the part of the self where that experience is stored. This can take a long time to complete and can be a confusing part of the process. You will need to re-live many of the traumas in your life and maybe even past lives before the process comes to an end. When these experiences arise it is important to forgive yourself and anyone else involved. You can also ask God for forgiveness if you have a belief in God, which definitely helps as you go through this process.

An individual experiencing an awakening may become extremely sensitive to everything so it is also important to attempt to avoid anger and conflict.  Avoid films, music, TV and even books with any violent or negative content as this can have a deep impact on the emotions and psyche.  Try to spend as much time in nature as possible, as this helps to harmonise the body's energy vibrations with those of nature. Also be aware of what you put into your body,  alcohol intake should be kept to a minimum and the use of recreational drugs should be avoided completely as these can all impact on the experience of awakening Kundalini.


Once the process has run it's course, we are left with a deeper understanding of ourselves and of the universe as a whole. Some call it Enlightenment, the full knowledge of the true nature of existence and the mysteries of consciousness. Enlightenment brings a deep connection to God, the source of creation and with that brings the infinite wisdom available through that connection. The realisation occurs that God is within you and not outside of you, and the battle with dark and light is fought internally, not externaly. By the very end of the process you will have attained a deep sense of inner peace which will manifest itself in your outer reality and literally change the way you live your life. 

Knowledge is the key to a successful and harmonious experience, any individual experiencing Kundalini awakening or who has an interest should immerse themselves in the subject. They should also gain as much knowledge as possible as to fully understand what is occuring and how to best cope with the intense experiences which come with a Kundalini awakening.  Please check this site regularly as I will constantly be updating the site with resources and information as I find it. I hope you find the site useful, please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions.



                           “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

                            Mahatma Gandhi


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